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Become the strategic leader and guide your cyclists to epic victories across iconic tours like the Tour de France and La Vuelta. Build a champion team from a roster of talented riders, each with unique skills and specialties. Hone their talents through strategic training and meticulous camp management.

Compete against global rivals in intense multiplayer races, battling for dominance in official Grand Tours, one-day classics, and diverse disciplines like Time Trials and mountain stages. Master tactical formations to outsmart your opponents, utilize your domestiques to support your leader, and unleash your sprinter's power in dramatic finish line battles.

Claim the Yellow Jersey in the Tour de France or the Red Jersey in La Vuelta - your every decision matters! Climb the leaderboards, earn prestigious jerseys like the Green Jersey, and leave your mark on cycling history.

Cycling Legends offers an comprehensive mobile experience:

- Official license: Race on legendary routes from the Tour de France and La Vuelta.

- Deep team management: Recruit, train, and customize your cyclists.

- Multiplayer competition: Battle for glory against players worldwide.

- Variety of disciplines: Conquer Time Trials, Mountain Stages, and Sprints.

- Strategic gameplay: Manage your team's energy, tactics, and equipment.

- Leaderboards and rewards: Climb the ranks and earn exclusive prizes.

- Immersive experience: Feel the adrenaline rush of professional cycling on the go.

Download Tour de France Cycling Legends now and become a Cycling Legend

The features of the game include:
- Tech tree where you can upgrade bicycle
- Club and club competitions against real player
- Mulitplayer (PVP)
- Leaderboard 
- Team management
- Cycling minigames that will test your skill

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