Stories of PPS travellers: what is our summer like?

Slowly but surely the summer heat will be over (depending on where you are), but we enjoyed a few hot days here. Even IT people sometimes come out into daylight and you will be surprised where they have headed. Veronika, Czech Switzerland: “I was primarily hiking, but there was also wellness .. they have beautiful
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Athletics Mania: Before it all started

It's been almost 3 weeks since the start of Athletics Mania. What was it like just before the launch? How do we feel about our work and what do we expect in the future? If you are interested, read on. We spoke to our colleagues who worked on Athletics Mania. One of them is our
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Interview: Jan Volko

With the arrival of the new Athletics Mania, great people who support the project are coming aboard. One of them is Ján Volko, who took the time to ta...
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