Game Design and Player's Psychology/ Ivan Krechnak

As is customary in PowerPlay Studio, we place great emphasis not only on our education, but also on sharing our know-how. That is why our CEO, Ivan Krechňák, gave a lecture in cooperation with the Slovak Game Developers Association and Game Dev Košice. It included interesting topics such as psychology and the needs of Generation
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Golden Spike Ostrava 2020

As usual, we have interesting news from the world of athletics for you again. PowerPlay Studio has entered into cooperation with Golden Spike Ostrava and thanks to that Athletics Mania players will have the opportunity to participate in this race in esports form, thus entering history as the first athletic esports meeting in the world.
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Interview: Jan Volko

With the arrival of the new Athletics Mania, great people who support the project are coming aboard. One of them is Ján Volko, who took the time to ta...
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