Games and socializing

Games are often condemned by many. One of the reasons that opponents of games often state is that they make people socialize less. Is that really so? After all, the games themselves are nowadays often based on socializing itself. Playing with or against other people in real time. In a world where everyone has too
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Women in PPS

In the words of Charles Baudelaire: “A woman is gentler than a flower, but harder than a stone.” In fact, for many men, women are mysterious and puzzling, strong and gentle at the same time. Every single one is worthy of admiration and thus, we decided to thank all the women in PPS today. At
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How games help the relaxation

With Christmas and New Year celebrations, many of us experience slight excitement mixed with tension, as it goes hand in hand with such festive times....
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Must Read: A Behind the Scenes Look at Ski Legends in an Interview with the Project Manager Andrej Golovkov

Hi Andrej, Ski Legends has been available for download for some time now and the numbers suggest that it could be another successful project from the
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