Athletics Mania: Before it all started

It's been almost 3 weeks since the start of Athletics Mania. What was it like just before the launch? How do we feel about our work and what do we expect in the future? If you are interested, read on. We spoke to our colleagues who worked on Athletics Mania. One of them is our
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The big rendez-vous

Sun, fire and good mood. When you imagine we haven't seen each other for more than a hundred days, it's hard to believe that the whole PowerPlay Studio suddenly found itself at Železná Studnička (Iron Well, forest park in Bratislava). Some have changed, some not at all, but we've all been looking forward to seeing
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Must Read: A Behind the Scenes Look at Ski Legends in an Interview with the Project Manager Andrej Golovkov

Hi Andrej, Ski Legends has been available for download for some time now and the numbers suggest that it could be another successful project from the
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