5 reasons why the current situation is not all bad

Often we try to change some of our habits, but we do not always get it right. Change always requires a certain dose of courage, but also time. Let's v...
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10 ways to boost your home office effectiveness

Are you running out of ideas on how not to assassinate everything that moves around you, just to get a bit of peace in your home office? Are you tired...
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The Czech Ski Association organizes first time ever esports championship in alpine skiing

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic many sports events have been canceled. Same with the he Czech Alpine Skiing Championship, which was to take place at the
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7 tips to improve your homeoffice

With the right mindset, home office does not have to be such Armageddon. What we first considered  negative, can eventually be quite positive. Take a
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5 tools we can’t do without when working from home

Our dream has come true. We no longer have to endure the neverending traffic jams to get to work every morning. Finally we can just stay at home, but
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