The big rendez-vous

Sun, fire and good mood. When you imagine we haven't seen each other for more than a hundred days, it's hard to believe that the whole PowerPlay Studi...
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Interview: Jan Volko

With the arrival of the new Athletics Mania, great people who support the project are coming aboard. One of them is Ján Volko, who took the time to ta...
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We are celebrating 100!

Better said, we are celebrating the anniversary of the 100 days of work isolation (when we worked exclusively from home and limited all contact to the...
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Tips for weekend in quarantine

Let's start with the good news. The situation is easing in many countries. However, many companies still do not feel comfortable with the idea of ​​re...
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The e-Championship in Alpine skiing is back!

 After the previous success of our historically first e-championship in alpine skiing, in collaboration with the Czech Ski Association, we decided to
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