How games help the relaxation

With Christmas and New Year celebrations, many of us experience slight excitement mixed with tension, as it goes hand in hand with such festive times....
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Game Design and Player's Psychology/ Ivan Krechnak

As is customary in PowerPlay Studio, we place great emphasis not only on our education, but also on sharing our know-how. That is why our CEO, Ivan Kr...
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Golden Spike Ostrava 2020

As usual, we have interesting news from the world of athletics for you again. PowerPlay Studio has entered into cooperation with Golden Spike Ostrava
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Stories of PPS travellers: what is our summer like?

Slowly but surely the summer heat will be over (depending on where you are), but we enjoyed a few hot days here. Even IT people sometimes come out int...
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Athletics Mania: Before it all started

It's been almost 3 weeks since the start of Athletics Mania. What was it like just before the launch? How do we feel about our work and what do we exp...
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