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Games and socializing

Games are often condemned by many. One of the reasons that opponents of games often state is that they make people socialize less. Is that really so? After all, the games themselves are nowadays often based on socializing itself. Playing with or against other people in real time. In a world where everyone has too many responsibilities, it is often not possible to just run over to a friend at any time. But the game is here for us whenever we have time and people are waiting for it,  people who are interested in doing the same thing as playing the game. All you need to do is just join them.

These players are often from other cities, states or continents. They are of different age, gender or culture than those  we would meet and talk with in real life. The game thus helps us to socialize without spatial limitation, brings us closer to people we might never have met in real life, and perhaps thanks to it we get to know other cultures, nations and customs. And so it not only broadens our horizons, but can also help melt differences away and play a major role in fighting prejudice and discrimination.

And maybe not. Maybe you only play with a neighbor next door, with whom you became friends thanks to a shared love of gaming. There are many possibilities and we were interested in how our players are doing so we asked them. Many shared stories of friendship strengthened by our games. Papango tells us that in Athletics Mania he found a friend in a player who at first just watched his progress, but later they started writing and ended up in the same club and today they are in daily contact. Zoran tells us that although in Ski Jump Mania 3 the friends are in different clubs, this friendship is eternal. Thanks to the game, Tadej connected with several friends from the game on Facebook and with some even in person. As you can see, finding friends in the game does not mean that we are losing them in real life, but on the contrary, friendships from the game can grow into really strong friendships and beyond. We are extremely pleased that thanks to our games, people get closer and find friends, and we hope that they will help to create and strengthen many more friendships to come.

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Games and socializing