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Athletics Mania: Before it all started

It's been almost 3 weeks since the start of Athletics Mania. What was it like just before the launch? How do we feel about our work and what do we expect in the future? If you are interested, read on.

We spoke to our colleagues who worked on Athletics Mania. One of them is our colleague Saša, who together with the team leader managed the production and focused mainly on planning and scheduling work among our programmers in order to make the best use of our capacities. According to her, it was very hectic before the project started, a lot of crunches took place. "It often happened to us that we moved one step forward and then two steps back." However, good communication within the team helped them to manage the difficult situation. "Despite the situation with the Covid epidemic, I think that communication with the team was good and even though we were all just online and did not have personal contact, it went quite smoothly."

Although the Athletics Mania is out, Sasha certainly has no plans to breathe. "I'm expecting more work because the game itself isn't quite finished yet. We still have a lot of work to do on other mechanics that will help the game, and most importantly we have to fix bugs and problems that are already in the game. "

Of course, before launching any major project, everyone has a lot to do. So how was the launch of Athletics Mania different from the launch of our previous projects?

"I did a minigame for AM. So the model of the stadium, all the assets and all the animations. But I've never done anything more difficult. Constant communication with the programmer and subsequent optimizations. I feel like I've made 10 games, not one. " Ondrej Čajka, our graphic designer, is a little tired. But thanks to him, Athletics Mania has moved significantly. "Originally it was supposed to be a 2D minigame, but at that time I started with a 3D and finally I taught the management to 3D and I'm very happy about that. So I sweated a lot, but I still enjoy it. ” In the end, however, he is also happy: "people seem to enjoy the game very much and I enjoy it."

Our programmers also agree with the complexity of this project. "The whole project was a big challenge, because in the end the form of the game changed completely." says our colleague Josef “Gord” Háb, but he did not perceive the stress before starting as anything terrible, but on the contrary as a normal part of work. According to him, it was "like before launching a new project, I didn't know where my head was.”

Our other programmer Michal “Heso” Hesek is smiling at this. According to him: "In the evening I slept well since I was exhausted."

Finally, a few words from the project manager Jujar Špánik, who evaluates the period before the launch as "difficult and exhausting, problems arose that we did not anticipate, there were unintended elements concerning all parts of production." Despite these obstacles, he evaluates that he has worked well in athletics and he also feels good about the end result and has high expectations from Athletics Mania itself. After all, we all have them and we all keep our fingers crossed for them to fill up. Because even though the road to launch was challenging, we believe that the result is worth it and that we finally managed to create an interesting game not only for athletics enthusiasts. If you hesitate, try it. You can then let us know your feedback on our social networks.

Game Design and Player's Psychology/ Ivan Krechnak


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