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The big rendez-vous

Sun, fire and good mood. When you imagine we haven't seen each other for more than a hundred days, it's hard to believe that the whole PowerPlay Studio suddenly found itself at Železná Studnička (Iron Well, forest park in Bratislava). Some have changed, some not at all, but we've all been looking forward to seeing each other face to face again.


It all started with a speech by Ivan Krechňák, CEO of PPS. Since this was the first time some of our colleagues had seen each other, emotions were in place. One such colleague is Sofia Nováková from the social and community, who says: “So my colleague in graphic design is three-dimensional and not just an avatar on Discord, lol. It was great to finally see the faces behind the programming humor of everyday life. Many times I had the urge to hug my colleagues, as it was proof that they really existed (smile), because when you work with someone for 4 months and just correspond, it's so old-worldly. It can be contactless, but this barbecue party has shown how nice it is to actually have a personal contact. ”


The barbecue had everything it needed to make it great: colleagues, food, beer and one brown Labrador Lilly. However, we did not sit only with food and beer. On the contrary, the program was full of many activities, so that everyone could choose their own. Ping pong, badminton, football were played and those who were not in the mood for sports could escape into the fantasy world of Dungeons and Dragons. Except for a few injuries, it was a very pleasant day. That's how it ends when people from gaming play football. : D


Today we have once again come back to our classic day, but - in our homes it is good to know that we can meet at any time, if we miss it. We hope to see each other soon in this lineup.

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