Kategória: Info from PowerPlay Studio 18.06.2020

We are celebrating 100!

Better said, we are celebrating the anniversary of the 100 days of work isolation (when we worked exclusively from home and limited all contact to the online environment). You may be wondering why we would like to celebrate something like this. In reality, however, together with this round date, it celebrates that this era is over and that we can finally meet freely. Therefore, we decided to celebrate this day with a joint meeting, but at the same time we would like to take this opportunity to remind you of everything we have managed during this time.

We worked hard all the time on our new Athletics Mania project. For all those keen on throwing, jumping or running, we have good news. Thanks to our hard work, you will soon be able to experience this game. Fun disciplines, however, are not the only thing this game has to offer. The project also involves important athletes from different countries, so don't be surprised if Johny Volko, for example, overtakes you in the game. Or who knows, you might run over him. :)

In addition to athletics, we have of course also worked on the development of other projects that are currently in the prototyping phase. You can look forward to a lot of great games from our studio in the future as well.

We realize that for the success of our products, it is important that the people who make them work with love and joy. That is why we have paid a lot of attention to our corporate culture, especially recently. As the period of isolation could be challenging for several people, we introduced the so-called "Psycho sessions", where topics were taken over under the supervision of an expert with the aim of overall well-being.

We decided to simulate the lack of informal contact, which is common in personal contact, with Friday beers, which gained popularity very quickly, and although we can no longer wait for a personal meeting, many of us think of them with fondness because they made long evenings more enjoyable for us.

We have not forgotten about education either. This has a relatively strong background in our company for a long time. If you follow us on social networks, you certainly know that we regularly participate in various conferences and that we also study internally as part of our own PPS Academy project. It continued during these 100 days, we listened to lectures on several professional topics from our industry, but also on how to improve your health, leadership, relationship intelligence and much more :).

One of our biggest successes during this period was undoubtedly the successful completion of Google for Startups Accelerator, for which we were selected as the only Slovak company among tens to hundreds of other applicants.

This period, although perhaps partly challenging, was undoubtedly successful for us. But even though we have nothing to complain about, we are very much looking forward to bringing our lives back to normal. We are going to celebrate this fact with a barbecue party. How will our welcome take place after a long time? Will there be tears of joy? We'll see and you'll see it too. We will be happy to share all the details with you on our social networks. :)

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