Category: Info from PowerPlay Studio 28.05.2020

The e-Championship in Alpine skiing is back!

 After the previous success of our historically first e-championship in alpine skiing, in collaboration with the Czech Ski Association, we decided to put together another e-championship, this time teamed up with the Slovak Ski Association.

It will all begin 1.6. at 2 PM and will continue up until 8.6. There will be competing in five disciplines : slalom, giant slalom, super-G, downhill and in the main category Master in skiing. During the championship, all events from which points are earned for the championship, have free entry. There is also an increase in the number of attempts to improve the time in the event, from 2 to 10. In order to ensure fair play, we have unlocked all the possibility of using the second "booster" for free. We hope that all participants will have fun and their winnings will be decided only by their own abilities and the effort they will make. The motivation will hopefully be the number of both game and material prizes that they can win.

If you are curious what such e-championships in alpine skiing look like, do not hesitate to get involved. All you need is Ski Legends on your iOS or Android device and one finger (thumb recommended). We wish all participants good luck. Let the best man win!


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