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5 reasons why the current situation is not all bad

Often we try to change some of our habits, but we do not always get it right. Change always requires a certain dose of courage, but also time. Let's view the current situation as not limiting, but providing many opportunities for a change.


1. More time for self growth

Thanks to this situation we have more time to attend our hobbies, whether it's playing the piano or gardening (this year we are awaiting a lot of crops from our garden). We are equally susceptible to experiment and try new things, to freshen the routine. Cake baking, knitting cool sweaters with Icelandic patterns or painting, sky's the limit. Since we temporarily lost the chance to use the services, it is quite likely many of us became home master builders. :) Drilling a hole in the wall or fixing the sink, we learned to handle ourselves. Many may have found time for long postponed painting of the apartment or renovations. And if we have notes for writing a novel that will change the world, now is the right time.


2. Saving nature

Let's look at the facts. Airports are closed, national parks as well, the ships don't operate and factories shut down. Yes, us not travelling is not optimal but let's take another perspective. Since most of us do not travel, not even to the offices, we have significantly decreased emissions. In China the skies cleared and the death rate decreased due to better air.

3. More time with the relatives

During a traditional work week we are happy to steal 2 hours a day with the family. Now we have the opportunity to fully use the time with the kids and see their growth process during learning. After all, an evening spent by the table games, having deep conversations with a partner in the forest or a game of badminton can be a nice refreshment.


4. Togetherness

Grandparents or older neighbours - endangered group. Our actions worldwide showed that in difficult times we can stick together and be nice to each other. Younger people go shopping for older people and leave the packages in front of the house. Via notes, they do each other favors, they raise money for those struggling, some apps are for free and we overall take care of each other. And that is nice.


5. Change of perspective and approach

We learned to more elaborately and flexibly use our technologies, the society sticks together, polarizes less. We return back to nature, simplicity and other pleasures of life. In Thailand due to the decrease of tourism, elephants held in captivity were set free. All is as it should be. 


So as you can see, all bad serves something good. We hope you found some positives in this situation. Don't hesitate to share with us on our Facebook or Instagram.

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