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10 ways to boost your home office effectiveness

Are you running out of ideas on how not to assassinate everything that moves around you, just to get a bit of peace in your home office? Are you tired of the word home office? We are too! No to prolong your agony, we hope to bring you some release with this article. Dive in.


1. Get your surroundings pro

It is not as easy as it seems. Those lucky ones, who have a room of their own they can use, are possibly still struggling how to divide the space from leisure to professional setting. If you can fit in a small table, do it. Along with a tablet, laptop or notebook. You may need a communication server like Zoom, Discord, Skype or Teams. They are all free and make it easier to communicate.

Our tip: If you don't own a table, feel free to use an ironing desk. It works for us :)

2. Keep yourself hydrated, fit and well fed

We don’t mean stuff yourself. No. Buy those veggies, drink water, and please, try to avoid alcohol. It blurs your mind, and eventually makes you less productive. Unless it's Friday afternoon, then please, splurge on a cold one while video chatting with your buddies. 

3. Learn how to reset 

Long hours behind the desk can be tiring. But- the upside of working from home is you can lie down on the ground every hour and stretch. Or go on a 15 minute break to catch some sun. If your limbs trouble you, check out some stretching exercises. In the meantime try taking your middle finger with the other hand and press it down, palm facing the sky, arm straight. Go for a run. You can set your alarm with a note: Go for a run! Or „The run awaits!“. We bet you will run like Forrest Gump.

4. The „WHEN“ factor is important

Some people are morning birds ready to jump into morning work and some are the night panthers, who get things done at dusk. Whatever your hours are, communicate them with everybody essential you work with and after your work is done, make sure you stop it as soon as you close the laptop. After all, commuting from work should only take a minute :)

5. Avoid social media and distractions

Tell your spouse to respect your working hours, give your children to their grandparents or friends who have kids (then exchange the favor) or take turns looking after them. You may also lose many hours scrolling down the social media or watching series and that may catch up with you sooner than you think.

6. Use lunch break to run errands

It will make your life easier to get the things done during the day, and the advantage is also, that you can take your phone with you and be on call if anything happened.

7. Use technology to your advantage

Time managements apps such as Harvest, or project management app as Trello. They will help with dividing your goals into smaller, doable tasks and enable to have an overview. 

8. Dress for the occasion

We all know that when you put on your best pair of trousers, or a nice lipgloss, wash your hair, and wear that new polo shirt, you instantly feel like a new person. So try to look your best, cultivate,enoble yourself. You will see the difference not only in appearance but also in the mindset.

9. Communicate

Let your team know when you’re there and vice versa. Check-in regularly and make the best of any messages. It is hard to see the voice or face expression of one’s message, so do not read into it, and for more personal touch, add some emoticons to keep it interesting. We recommend you try using GIF's, they substitute a funny face your colleague would make if they were in the office. :)

10. Be ready for everything: Close the door when you work, so as not to disclose any sensitive information or privacy details from your life to anybody online. Make sure you have IT support that can help you secure your computer against hacks of any kind. Stay safe and remember, if your child or a member of your family walks in your room in the middle of a video call, take it with humour. Your boss probably has a pet on his lap as he speaks.


Stay safe, positive, do not worry too much about stuff you can’t change and keep in touch. You got this. (You're goddess :)

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