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The Czech Ski Association organizes first time ever esports championship in alpine skiing

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic many sports events have been canceled. Same with the he Czech Alpine Skiing Championship, which was to take place at the end of March. However, the Czech Ski Association and PowerPlay Studio came up with the idea of how to realize it for the fans of skiing via mobile game Ski Legends.


The Czech Ski Association, in cooperation with PowerPlay Studio, will organize the first ever esports Championship of the Czech Republic in downhill skiing from 14 to 21 April. The race will move from real slope to the virtual one and people throughout Czech Republic will be able to join the competition. All you need is a cell phone. Top national team skiers, ski legends, fans and the general public will compete. The biggest reward is the opportunity to win the title of “Absolute Champion of the Czech Republic in alpine skiing”, but to the first couple winners there are prizes such as a car for the weekend, ski passes or vouchers to the fanshop!


From Tuesday, April 14, there will be competing in slalom, giant slalom, Super G and downhill. Players have a week to collect as many points as possible in the events. The overall winner of Czech Republic will receive a real trophy in the form of crystal globe from Czech Ski Association, which is traditionally awarded to the champions of the republic in alpine disciplines. Players from other countries will be rewarded in top 10 positions with the so-called Premium currency that can be used for further achievements in the Ski Legends game.


“It’s a unique project unlike any other. Our purpose is to in a fun way give the competitors and the wide public at least a symbolic substitute for Czech Championship in Alpine disciplines, which had to be canceled. During seven days, when the Championship is in motion, the fans can virtually meet their competition who can easily be the national team skier and fight for real prizes. That, I think, is a real challenge. For the wide public as well as the top athletes,” says the president of the association Lukáš Heřmanský.


“I've tested the game myself and it was fun. So I recommend, celebrate each game won with ten squads, so we join the virtual movement with the real one, “ he adds with a smile.


“I am happy that in these difficult times, we are first, along with the Czech Ski Association, who put together first esports championship in alpine skiing. Our company supports sports, youth or professional long term, and I am proud of what we have accomplished within this collaboration. It's a premiere, and I believe it set the base stone for further collaboration in the future with other sports, to mutual benefit.'' PowerPlay Studio CEO Ivan Krechňák 

Follow the our page and social media of the Czech Ski Association and PowerPlay Studio not to miss any news. The title fight begins April 14th! Good luck!

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