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5 tools we can’t do without when working from home

Our dream has come true. We no longer have to endure the neverending traffic jams to get to work every morning. Finally we can just stay at home, but is this really what we wished for? Working from home is not what we all hoped it would be. It’s so much more difficult in a number of ways, but thanks to these 5 tools we are able to stay in the game.



This handy software enables us to organize fully interactive meetings, whether they are in a smaller or a bigger group. We take advantage of the video calls and the option to share screens. That way we can hear and see each other while working together on documents and other stuff.


But we don’t use it just for work. We have introduced the so-called “mental health sessions” where we can share our feelings and tips to maintain a positive mindset. Another popular feature is the Friday Beer. The Beer call is reserved for chilling and free conversation with colleagues, which is something we probably miss the most when we can’t meet in person.



Most of our communication goes through this channel. We chat and share files with each other in a multitude of threads. Each department has their own channel. Discord is also used for some fun. We have an off topic thread full of memes, funny pics of our colleagues and comments that make us LOL. Basically anything that you can make fun of. What are colleagues for anyway? :)


The latest new thread is for active players among us, which helps us deal with this isolation.


Google Drive

Since there are a bunch of people working on our projects, online shared docs are a must have for us. Information must be available to everyone, easy to find for years to come and possible to edit with the changes being visible instantly. That’s why Google Drive is the clear choice.



We have picked Assembla to manage our projects and it has several advantages. We can split the tasks into several steps (tickets), assign them to teams and track milestones as we try to hit our goals. It also enables us to arrange our materials systematically with the individual tasks. The same ticket often travels from game designers, to graphic artists, programmers, testers and marketing.



Last but not least, we have TeamViewer. This tool is used mainly by graphic artists and programmers. It enables them to remotely access company computers and servers where they have the materials necessary for their work.


Of course we use a bunch of other other tools for work, but these are the 5 key ones. We can only recommend them. What kind of tools are you using? Let us know on our Facebook page.

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