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PowerPlay Studio Takes Measures Against Coronavirus

Coronavirus - the hottest topic of the last few weeks


With all the information that we get from the media every day it is easy to start panicking. But panic doesn’t solve anything and it can even make things worse. And the same goes for an approach that is too relaxed. As usual, the truth lies somewhere between the two extremes. It’s important to stay well informed and to act responsibly. And that’s the way we have chosen. We have reacted promptly to the preventive measures in Slovakia and created an action plan. The goal of this plan is to protect the health of our colleagues and their families and to limit the impact of the pandemic on the society. At the same time we aim to maintain our work efficiency and limit the economic impact on the company while in isolation.


What does this action plan look like?


Phase 1: Preventive measures

This phase was launched when the first case of coronavirus in Slovakia was confirmed. People who felt sick or who had recently returned from medium and high risk countries or met with such people were subject to quarantine. We had also prepared a plan of works for the upcoming period and unified our communication channels.


Phase 2: Recommended home office

As the situation developed, we had moved to phase 2 on March 11. Within this phase it was recommended to minimize close contact with other people, including in the office. While physical presence in the company headquarters had not been forbidden in this phase, most people had chosen to work exclusively from home and contact with co-workers was done via video calls.


Phase 3: Obligatory home office for the whole company

As of March 18 we have entered phase 3, during which it is forbidden to enter the company headquarters. Exceptions are authorized personnel for essential tasks. These restrictions are valid until further notice.


Even though the prognosis doesn’t look good, we believe that if we take these measures seriously, together we will be able to get through this. We keep our fingers crossed for everyone.

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