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October 16, 2014

Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Central Europe

Thanks to the skill of the developers and prosperous games, the studio earned the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 in Central Europe award in 2014 as the fastest growing tech company in Slovakia.









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Our story


With the arrival of summer 2020 we also celebrate the launch of our new game title Athletics Mania. What makes it special is the variability of the disciplines such as track and field, jumping, throwing, basically all that will please the fans of this sport, that belongs to those with the longest history. 


We kicked off 2020 in great style. Apart from releasing our first native mobile game Ski Legends, we have also attended Google for Startups Accelerator, where we have been invited as the only Slovak company from dozens or even hundreds of other applicants.


2019 started with us rejoicing over the success of Ski Jump Mania 3 as well as works on the long awaited project, our first purely mobile game, Ski Legends. The upcoming game should appeal not just to skiing fans, but also to the wider public.


Just before the end of 2018 we released another successful title in our Mania series with Ski Jump Mania 3. The game combines the successful and improved mechanics of its Mania predecessors, but it also brings a lot of it own new innovations.


Towards the end of 2016 we issued another successful game - Tennis Mania. The game gained fans thanks to some new features such as the 3D tennis engine and training minigames which will test the player’s skills as well as quick thinking and tennis knowledge.

In April 2017 we decided to try something from a completely different genre with the Facebook game Fishing Adventures.


At the beginning of 2016 we launched another game called Ski Jump Mania Penguins. The game has an improved graphical design and is more balanced than the original Ski Jump Mania. The main difference, of course, is the fact that you don’t play as a human ski jumper, but as an adorable penguin.

In the second half of 2016, we also decided to change our logo and our name to PowerPlay Studio.


In March 2015 we released Biathlon Mania, a game that would become our most successful title for a number of years to come. New features, graphic user interface and especially the live races in Flash where players can test their skills in cross-country skiing and shooting, brought a new dimension to the game. The players can even challenge many famous biathletes who have given permission to use their names and likenesses in the game.


Our development team didn’t rest on its laurels in 2014 and the new game Ski Jump Mania enabled the players to control their character themselves for the first time in a Flash minigame. With this new feature, we decided to try our luck on Facebook under the title of Ski Jump Mania 2. The fans of team sports were glad to get their hands on the new basketball manager. Thanks to the success of Ski Jump Mania 2, Tennis Duel got its own Facebook version entitled Tennis Duel 2 towards the end of 2014.


We really got going in 2013 which saw a handful of new titles. For the the fans of fast cars we created Racing Duel. Boxing Duel followed later in the same year and then our first non-sport game Army Duel. The original manager games were not forgotten as the handball manager was also released in 2013.


Thanks to the success of the previous games, our team was able to grow in numbers, which meant we could start working on new games with new game mechanics. And that’s how Tennis Duel came to be released in 2012.


Our first game, the hockey manager, was created in a team of just four people, however. The game was finally released in 2009 and it was a big success as it was translated to over 30 languages thanks to the players themselves. That’s why we decided to continue on this path and we subsequently launched the soccer manager in 2010, which attracted even more players.


The beginning of the 21st century in the game development industry saw, among other things, the rise of online sports manager games. That was when an idea to create this kind of game came to one of our three founders. It didn’t take long and the first lines of code for the new game were written in 2007.